Overview of Calix and the 12 Steps

The Calix Society is not a Catholic form of A.A. or is in competition with any other 12 step programme  fellowship. This programme or journey we are about to embark on is based on the combination of two factors (A) enhancing our recovery through participating and reception of the Sacred body of  Jesus Christ or a Blessing from the priest during the celebration for those non-catholic members (B) involvement in discussion of topics raised by the readings  and the Twelve Steps programme of Alcoholics Anonymous.

The Apostolate or ministry of Calix is concerned with implementing sobriety with spiritual growth by means of active participation in sacramental spirituality and adds this dimension to the Twelve Steps. This direction will outline the process necessary to achieve a sobriety that will raise our expectation to develop a much richer meaning to our lives, those we love and the society we live in.  

Calix spells out in terms of Catholic theology the Christian approach to spiritual maturity. By its very nature and appeal, A.A. must be  non-denominational , non-religious in its approach and philosophy. It expects its members to seek further direction and counsel from those charged with the responsibility of spiritual direction. This is the role of the various spiritual guides or institutions and for Catholics, the Catholic Church.

In Calix meetings we can help all those seeking a spiritual path and  guide poorly instructed Catholics to a return to a union with God by His healing power of Love, Forgiveness and the restoration of human dignity through the sacraments.

When the alcoholic or addict begins to experience some of the bonuses of sobriety, the love of God manifested through the concerns of fellow A.As or other fellowships, they experience a sense of belonging, and a deep thirst for the spiritual is awakened. 

Calix is here to guide them in this search and lead them back to the God they once believed in but perhaps never knew and appreciation of the providential nature of this twelve step programme.